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Q: Are there any special cooking techniques required for grassfed beef?

A: Grassfed beef is typically leaner and cooks more quickly than grain-finished beef. You don’t need any special equipment or training, just take care not to overcook it.

Q: How does your beef differ from supermarket beef?

A: Unlike USDA-graded supermarket beef, we use no hormonal growth stimulants, appetite enhancers or antibiotics. Our beef is naturally grass fed and grass-finished, raised on mountain ground with fresh water, exercise, and sunshine. Because we eliminate the middle man, there are a few immediate benefits:

  • Your beef comes solely from one animal.
  • You customize your order with the cuts you want.
  • Your high quality beef costs about the same as you would pay in the supermarket for the same assortment of cuts.
  • You know where your beef comes from, and how it is treated.

Q: Are you Certified Organic?

A: No, we are not "Certified Organic." We honor over 40 years of mountain ranching heritage by striving to continue and improve a caring legacy of thoughtful husbandry and rangeland stewardship. We practice Holistic Land Management, and Holistic Planned Grazing. We provide our cattle with the highest quality life possible, and our customers with the highest quality beef. Our beef is the product of green grass, sweet hay, and fresh water.

Q: Where is your beef processed?  

A: We are proud to use Arapahoe Meat Co. in Boulder County. Arapahoe Meat Co., is an AWA (Animal Welfare Association) certified processor and family-run for over 40 years. Processing is an additional fee that you pay directly to the packer when you pick up your order. For more information on prices click here. 

Q: How do I order beef?  

A: A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your quarter, half or whole at the time of your order. You can make your deposit via online, by phone, or in person at any of our events. You will be able to customize your cuts directly with the butcher. Bulk orders are taken on a first come first serve basis. Harvest begins in September-October, and the remainder of the cost/pick up of meat is due then.

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